How does SEO work?

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The whole publically on hand Web SEO Sure. It’s not that big A hundred petabytes or so is a reasonable begin on the quantity of garage you need. Maybe an exabyte to permit for intermediate processing. That’s most effective between 1000 and ten thousand hard drives, and in practice, it'll be plenty more than that due to the fact a thousand drives will be way too sluggish for processing it. SEO work process Processing it is difficult, you need massive clusters of computer systems and clever code.


It is then distilled down into an index that may be loaded on a few thousand machines and held in memory, in order that queries may be answered very quickly. That takes rather plenty of RAM, however, heaps of huge servers can do it. Google runs many, many sets of these across the world, so there may be one pretty near to each user. The real front end of the search engine takes the query, seems at each phrase in it, and asks the index for the relevant outcomes for each, after which intersects those to get the consequences applicable to the actual query. Or something like that, as every implementation gets modified fairly regularly and I’m sure Bing works otherwise to Google (note, I by no means definitely knew the details of how Google search works, only some overall concepts. That’s a part of a Google cluster, that could run the hunt engine. This is a smallish cluster, the indexing clusters are pretty a bit bigger.

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